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Our Conductors


James Draper grew up in the band, playing horn, euphonium and percussion. He has now finished his music studies at Durham University and is leading rehearsals, between singing engagements.

The highly experienced and well-liked John Weirs was our last Musical Director. John is a trombonist from County Durham who also lectures in construction at Northumbria.

Tom (Dave) Yates was our main conductor in 2018 and showed great confidence and charm whilst leading us.

We were sorry to have had to say goodbye to Tom Gray in 2018. The demands of teaching in a school and also playing with a top band did not in the end leave enough time for him to spend on conducting us. It is a shame because we were getting on very well together. We wish him well in future endeavours.

Tom joins Gareth Sykes in our trophy cabinet of great people and great musicians who we are proud to call ex-MDs.